Recipes – Fruit Custard

                                              Fruit Custard

                             Ingredients                    Quantity

                           Custard powder                20grams,
                            Milk                                 500ml,
                           Sugar                                 150grams,
                           Apple                                    1 No.,
                           Banana                                  4No,s,
                           Grapes                                150grams.



1)Boil the milk,

2)Mix the custard powder in a littile bit of milk,

3)Add to the boiled milk and keep one staring till the raw flavour of the custard in lost,

4)Add sugar remove from fire,

5)Peal and cut the bananas ,apple in to small pieces,and grapes,

6)Add the fruits in to cool custard ,and refrigerator for 1/2 hour,

7)Served chilled garnish with cherry



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