Kaddu ka kheer

                                       Ingredients                        Quantity (4 portions)

                                      Bottle gaurd                        225 grms,

                                      Milk                                     750 ml,

                                      Sugar                                     250 grms,

                                      Ghee                                        40 grms,

                                      Cashew nuts                            20 grms,  

                                       Kova                                         100 grms.



1) Peal and great the bottle gaurd,

2) Boil the greated bottle gaurd and strain the water and keep a side,

3) Fry the cashew nuts ans vessel in ghee and keep a side,

4) Boil the milk and add boil bottle gaurd,

5) Then add kova,sugar ans cook till it is done,

Finally garnish with cashew nuts

 … Pandu (Swetha)


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